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Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a small software development company located in Toronto, Canada and dedicated to writing unique and creative computer graphics software.

Ketara was created as an outlet for new, interesting ideas that kept coming to us, but which could not be implemented anywhere else. Eventually we decided that it would be a shame if all of these ideas never saw the light of the real world, and decided to form our own small company where we would be able to determine ourselves what to create and how to create it. Being small also gives us extreme agility and flexibility, often allowing us to deliver a finished product faster than much larger corporations.

Our mission is to provide useful, unique, and novel software to solve practical problems that have not been solved efficiently before.

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Feel free to write us anything that is on your mind. We appreciate feedback, including constructive criticism, since we realize it is crucial to continuously improving ourselves. While we can't guarantee that we will reply to every message, we will read and consider everything you write us.
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