Selecting, Adding, and Removing Files

This group determines which files and folders get processed by DateMeNow. It also lets you view the contents of any folder on your computer.


The file group contains two list windows. The wider list on the left is a file browser, which allows you to navigate files and folders on your computer.

The narrower list on the right is a list of all files and folders that will be processed. You can drag and drop files and folders into this list either from the file browser on the left, or from any other file browser in Windows.

Note that image files will be processed in all subfolders of selected folders.

Other controls are as following:

Back Button: If clicked, this button will take you to the previous folder you were visiting, much like a web browser's "Back" butotn.

Up Button: This button will take you to the parent folder of the folder you are currently in. For example, if you are currently viewing C:\Pictures\Mexico, pressing this button will take you to C:\Pictures folder.

Desktop Button: This button will take you to the desktop for the current user.

Location: This text box shows the location of the current folder you are viewing, as well as lets you type in any location on your computer you would like to jump to. After doing so, press either the Tab key or click the nearby "Go" button to go there.

Go Button: When clicked, takes you to the location specified in the Location text box.

Remove Button: When clicked, all items currently selected in the list of items to process will be removed from this list, and will not be dated.

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