Tasks Group

This group determines which tasks are performed once the "Date Files" button is pressed.


Print Date on Images: If checked, the date corresponding to the picture will be visually printed in the specified location using font and color settings described in other sections of this help document. This is the main feature of DateMeNow.
If this option is left unchecked, the image will not be modified visually.

Add Date as EXIF "Date Taken": If this option is checked, the date associated with each image will be added as its EXIF "Date Taken" field if this field was empty before processing.
This means that most of the photographs from digital cameras will be left unchanged; however, most pictures from other sources, such as scanners or image-editing programs, will have EXIF date taken information added to them.

Rename Files: If this option is checked, all processed image files will be renamed according to the renaming pattern in the Text and Renaming group. Note that original image files will be deleted. This option allows to add dates and times each photo was taken to the file name, as well as perform renaming in general.

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