Export and Rendering

Organic Studio can export created scenes either as a bitmap of a fixed size, or as a vector file which can be then imported into another vector editor.

Bitmap Export

To export the scene as a bitmap, use the File->Export as Bitmap Image menu item. After choosing the name of the file and the file format to save to, you will be presented with a dialog with options specific to the chosen format. For all formats, you can specify the size of the bitmap to render to, which by default is the same as the vector canvas size.

Supported formats are JPG, BMP, and TIFF.

Vector Export

To export the scene as a vector format, use the File->Export as Vector Graphics menu item. You can export the scene as either Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format or as Adobe Illustrator (AI) format. Note that since AI format is closed and proprietery, it may not support all of the Organic Studio features, and therefore the exported file might look signficantly different from the original scene. If this happens, export to the SVG format instead (which can also be imported into Adobe Illustrator).

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