Command Line Operation

SizeMeNow Professional can also run from the command line. Currently you can set the location to scan, the report type, and report location in this mode. Each command flag has a long and a short form, and each command takes a second argument.

Command-Line Options

Short Form Long Form Arguments Description

-h -help none Print this help.

-q -quiet on | off Normally, SizeMeNow in command-line mode would output any messages to the console. Specifying this option prevents SizeMeNow from printing any error messages at all. For example, SizeMeNow.exe -q on will turn the quiet mode on.

-d -date on | off If on, a date on which the report is generated is added in front of its name and the names of all supporting files.

-s -scan [ foldername ] Specifies the location to scan. A location with spaces in it should be put within quotation marks. For example, -s "C:\My Folder".

-rt -reptype xml | html | txt | csv Specifies the type of the report to output:
xml - Output an XML report.
html - Output an HTML report.
txt - Output a TXT report.
csv - Output a CSV report.

-rf -repfile [ filename ] Specifies file to output the main report to. Note that other secondary files, such as graphs and charts, will be output to the same folder.


SizeMeNow.exe -q on -s "C:\" -rt html -rf "C:\Reports\sample.html" - scan the C: drive of a local machine, suppress all messages, and output an HTML report into C:\Reports\sample.html.

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