Details List

This list gives a detailed breakdown about the direct children of a folder, drive, or file clicked in the Folder Tree View, along with a number of properties of each one. The list can be sorted by each column in the descending order by clicking on it, and in the ascending order by clicking on it again. An arrow in the column header indicates the sort order. You can also dive into folders by double-clicking on one.

To go to the parent folder of each file, right-click on it and choose whether you want to open the folder in Windows Explorer or in the command shell.

Note that the largest items in the list will be highlighted in bold - this is to allow you to easier identify items that occupy the most disk space. The highlighting options can be changed or completely turned off using the General Preferences dialog box.

The properties listed include:

Item:A short name of the file or folder. An icon next to it will indicate whether this item is a folder or a file. If it is the former, it can be double-clicked to enter and scan it.
Size:The size of each item. For files, this is the size of the file itself. For folders, this is the size of all the files and sub-folders contained within that folder.
Last Changed:Shows the date when the file was last modified.
Files:For files, this will always be set to 1. For folders, this will contian the number of files contained in all sub-folders of this folder and the folder itself.
Folders:For files, this will always be set to 0. For folders, this will contian the number of sub-folders contained in this folder and all of its sub-folders.
% of Parent:This column shows the percentage of the overall size of its direct parent that the item occupies. For example, if a folder named "Test" contains two files, one 60Mb and the other 40Mb, the first file will occupy 60% of the parent, and the second will occupy 40%.
Path:This is the full path to the item on the corresponding line.
Owner:This is the owner of the file, as determined by the operating system permissions.

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