File Types List

This view allows you to quickly determine how much space do files of particular types occupy. For example, you may discover you have too many unneeded video files, and some of them can be deleted or moved to a different location to save space.

Files are displayed by extension, such as ".avi" or ".jpg". Extensions are grouped into broad categories of files of similar types. You can see how much space does an entire category take up, or how much space is used by files with individual extension by expanding each category.

Note that similarly to the Top 100 Files view, this list includes all files encountered while scanning, not just files directly in the scanned folder.

Also note that you can right-click on any single extension and display a list of all files with that extension found while performing the scan. Please see Filtered Result List for more details.

File Types:This column contains category names and individual extensions for expanded categories.
Size:This column shows an overall disk usage by entire categories as well as individual extensions in the list.
% of Parent:This column represents the percentage of overall used space by all files and folders scanned taken up by the corresponding category or an individual extension on each row.
Size:This column shows the number of files found within each category or with a specific extension.

To help you look at disk usage in a more visual way, there is also a chart at the bottom of the window, which represents space occupied by each individual extension using a portion of a single horizontal bar. This can help you to identify the biggest space-wasters faster.

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