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Quickly determine and visualize folder sizes and drive space utilization; free up lost disk space in minutes.

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Key Features

As they are used over long periods of time, most computers accumulate large numbers of temporary, duplicate, and obsolete files and folders. These are often difficult to find using normal means, yet at the same time can waste gigabytes of space. SizeMeNow helps you easily find and visualize how your disk space is used, measure folder sizes, and clean up or re-organize your files. You can move the mouse over each point to show a tooltip with more information.


  • Explore, visualize, and comprehend drive space usage
  • Find the disk space hogs with just a few clicks
  • Automatically find and organize duplicate files, even those with different file names
  • Visualize the distribution of files by file type, age, and size
  • Schedule automatic scans and generate reports
  • Reclaim gigabytes of drive space in minutes!
  • Multi-threaded scanning algorithm for better performance and responsiveness


  • Interactive, dynamic, full-color, customizable bar and pie charts
  • Scan filtering using powerful regular expressions
  • HTML, XML, CSV and plain text report generation
  • Command-line operation
  • Files types and extensions reports
  • Top 100 files by size, age, or owner
  • Largest files report and drive space monitor.
  • Convenient drive space monitor
  • Chart export to clipboard and image files
  • Customize program layout for your individual needs
Note that the tag denotes features available only in the SizeMeNow Professional edition.

Quick Glance

SizeMeNow allows you to easily and effortlessly explore and visualize your disk space usage and folder sizes, as well as quickly identify and remove temporary, duplicate, and other unneeded files, freeing up gigabytes of space in minutes. This is achieved by providing a multitude of reports broken down in a number of ways, as well as by generating clear and concise chart representations of the above.

You can look at more screenshots to get a better idea, or just try our demo and see for yourself.

SizeMeNow Professional

The Professional edition of SizeMeNow contains several major features which are not present in the Personal version. These include the ability to generate HTML, XML, CSV, and plain-text reports, command-line operation, as well as scheduling automatic drive and folder scanning. Please see the chart below for more information.

SizeMeNow Personal
SizeMeNow Professional
Recursive Multi-threaded Folder Scanning
Regular Expression Filtering
Customizable Docking Windows
Interactive Graphs and Charts
Top 100 Files View
Files Ages View
Files Types View
HTML Report Generation  
XML Report Generation  
CSV for Excel Report Generation  
Plain Text Report Generation  
Automatic Scan Scheduling  
Command-Line Operation  
Duplicate File Finder  

You can also view a brief sample report generated by the Professional version of SizeMeNow.


The full version of SizeMeNow Personal costs US$19.99, while the full version of SizeMeNow Professional is US$29.99. Both editions provide free future updates for minor versions of the program.

You can purchase the software, as well as find out more about support and pricing, here.