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Never wait for another late train or bus again! With this simple, highly convenient app, you can always find out the current status of bus and train GO Service around Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, simply by launching the app with a single icon touch. And if your morning train is late, you can now sleep in for just a little longer, instead of freezing on the platform waiting for the late train.

The application connects to GO Transit website over your WiFi or 3G connection and shows both train and bus statuses separately. If the train service is running as scheduled, the train icon on the right will light up in green. If the train service is experiencing problems, the icon will light up in red. Similarly, the bus icon on the left will reflect current bus service status. A small window below the icons will fill in with exact details of which trips are late and by how much.

GO Status application supports the following features:
  • No-touch status check. Simply run the app, and service status will be displayed immediately.
  • Works for GO Bus and Train Service around Greater Toronto Area (GTA) near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Separate bus and train service icons, as well as service interruption lists.
  • Simple, beautfiul interface for extreme ease-of-use.
  • Minimal bandwith usage.

  • Screenshots

    Screenshots below illustrate the general look and feel of the application, showing screens both for when all services are running normally and when some of them are experiencing problems.


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