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An easy-to-use, highly customizable date-printing utility which adds creation dates to photos and images in automatic or manual modes.

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Key Features

Move the mouse over each point to show a tooltip with more information. More details can be obtained from a copy of the full program documentation which can be found here.


  • Batch photo processing - date multiple files and folders with one click of a button
  • Print additional text as well as date
  • Rename files to include date and times taken
  • View and edit EXIF information, including date picture taken, camera model, and camera settings
  • Fully automatic or manual modes
  • Interactive preview of the output
  • Reads JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG files


  • 24 different date style presets
  • Fully customizeable font, colour, date location, and other options
  • Three different modes to control font size
  • Automatic or manual date position control
  • Output images can be saved in TIFF or JPEG
  • An option to print exact time as well as the date of image creation
  • Automatic backup option so your photos are always preserved


DateMeNow allows the user to quickly and easily print dates on any photographs and images in general that do not have a date printed on them. The program is essential for those who have a camera that does not have an option of printing a date on photographs taken with it. It also allows viewing and editing of EXIF picture information.


By default, DateMeNow comes set to the fully automatic mode. Just drag and drop pictures onto the list of items to process, and it will automatically determine the right size, font, and position of the date to be printed. It will even account for the fact that images can be of different sizes, and adjust its settings for each image individually.

Before anything is done, though, you can always see the preview of any image you choose. DateMeNow will even process entire folders of images with one easy click of a button.


If you prefer to control the settings yourself, you can always do so. DateMeNow comes with a whole range of options that can be customized, including the font face of the date to be printed, its location on the image, color, and size (in pixels or as a percentage of the image size).

You can also customize the style of the date to be printed, whether you prefer dd/mm/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy or even Month dd, yyyy. You can also print the time of the image creation in addition to the date.


In addition to printing dates on images, DateMeNow also allows you to view and edit EXIF information embedded by digital cameras into your pictures. This information includes the date when each picture was taken, lens and sensor settings when it was taken, and other camera-specific items.

Editing this information can be useful if the date on your camera was set incorrectly, and needs to be changed on some pictures.


DateMeNow comes with an interface that was designed to be easy to use, yet still give access to powerful customization options. To add an image or a folder to the list of items to be date-stamped, simply drag-and-drop it onto the target list. You can either drag it from DateMeNow's built-in file browser, or from any standard Windows Explorer window.

To help you learn the program, every part of the interface has a tooltip associated with it, and there is a big, friendly "Help" button which, when clicked, will descirbe every option in more detail.


DateMeNow has won a number of excellence and top rating awards from various sources below.


The full version of DateMeNow costs US$19.99, and provides free future build updates for the same minor and major version of the program.

You can purchase the program, as well as find out more about support and pricing, here.